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Gut Rehab Program

Personalized nutrition support for a healthier gut

Ready to kick the bloat to the curb?

Picture it...your twenties...that magical time when you could eat whatever you wanted and not gain a pound. You didn't have a pair of "fat jeans" you kept around just in case your sexy ones stopped fitting. 

You could party at the club late and wake up the following day feeling like you slept 8 hours.

You had seemingly endless energy.

Brain fog? What brain fog???

Joint pain? What joint pain???

If this sounds like you, chances are your gut seriously needs help. 

My 6-month Gut Rehab program is tailored to your individual gut needs. 

This program is meant to be a commitment to yourself, as well as a relationship with me, your nutritionist. We will work together closely to get you back to feeling like you. 

This program is for you if you're ready to:

Restore your gut health and boost your immune system

Figure out what fuels your body and what wreaks havoc

Combat fatigue and tap into that energy you once had

Lose the bloat once and for all

Lift the brain fog

Ready to feel alive and take on the world? 

Personalized Gut Rehab Program

Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive 60 to 90 minute nutrition assessment to review your current health status

  • Two 45-minute telehealth sessions per month

  • Weekly email/chat support through the Healthie platform outside of scheduled sessions

  • Elimination diet and rechallenge guide and journal

  • 4R Guide

  • Guide on eliminating environmental toxins

  • Custom herbal tea blend from our friends at Nuovo Tea

  • Custom supplement protocol tailored to your specific gut health needs

  • Liquid collagen 6-month supply (can provide plant-based by request) 

  • 15% off all supplements in my Fullscript dispensary

  • Gut healing meal plan and recipe pack

  • Initial gut-focused functional testing (Organic Acids, SIBO breath testing, and GI Map) valued at $900

  • Access to additional functional lab testing at practitioner pricing - learn more here



*cost w/insurance pending coverage 


Ready to Dive In?

Click the button below to book a FREE 30-minute discovery call to see if this program is right for you.

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