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Hormone Reboot Program

Personalized Monthly Nutrition Support for Hormone Balance

I help you understand what is causing your symptoms so we can work together to restore balance to your body through natural and targeted approaches.

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalances

Conditions Associated with Hormone Imbalances

Personalized Hormone Rebalancing Program

Individualized Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive 60 to 90 minute nutrition assessment to review your current health status

  • Two 45-minute telehealth sessions per month

  • Weekly email/chat support through the Healthie platform outside of scheduled sessions

  • Training on the Fertility Awareness Method and menstrual cycle tracking - for those trying to conceive or who wish to come off hormonal birth control

  • Training on cycle synching and seed cycling

  • Custom herbal tea blend from our friends at Nuovo Tea

  • Custom supplement protocol tailored to your phase of reproductive health

  • Guide on eliminating environmental toxins

  • 15% off all supplements in my Fullscript dispensary

  • Hormone Health meal plan and recipe pack

  • Coaching on resetting your circadian rhythm and navigating menopause gracefully

  • Access to functional lab testing at practitioner pricing - learn more here


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